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on January 1, 2013
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We’re Moving!

That’s right, is changing servers. What does this mean for you, the visitor? Absolutely nothing (except for a possible service outage sometime in the next day or so). Other than that, things should remain pretty much the same around here.

If you happen to be that one person who visits the site while it is down, then I thank you for your patience :)

Update: The migration for is done!  Thanks for your patience.

Happy Holidays!

Well, its been a while, hasn’t it?

The last time I posted on the site, I was about to head back to school.  Now I’m on my 2 week Christmas break, and I have to admit I have not seen the past 4 months go by at all.

I have some big plans for these next two weeks, the first of which is to get Equanimity moving again.  I’m going to try to get one post out per day, which I figure is possible since most of the story is pretty much already written.  I just need to review and proof the posts, so one a day each seems reasonable.  Hopefully I can get the story finished before I head back to school…!

Another thing I’m going to start looking into is self-publishing.  Earlier this summer I started publishing my stories on Figment and Goodreads.  I did this in order to get readers to give advice so I could become a better writer.  I’ve not received many comments, so I’m going to look at upping the ante a bit.  More to come hopefully fairly soon…!

Folaji’s Homecoming

Icon of Shadows - The Darkspear Troll Crest

Icon of Shadows - The Darkspear Troll Crest

I’m happy to announce that I’ve decided to post the Folaji Story on the site as a Prologue to  the Rise of the X-Syndicate story.

The Folaji Story was the first story I wrote and published online back in 2006, before this site even existed.  It served as a character background for many of my World of Warcraft characters and also as a springboard for my venture into online writing.

I’ll admit I considered going all George Lucas on the story.  After all, it’s been six years since I wrote it, and there are some passages that just stand out as though needing a rewrite.  I decided it best, however, to keep the story original in its entirety.  Sure its not perfect, but it’s my first (online) published story, and will therefore always have a special place in my heart, regardless of how badly it’s written.

The story consists of five parts, and will be published over the next couple of days (i.e. one part per day).  You can find all published parts by going to the Rise of the X-Syndicate page.

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