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I, like some of you, have been suffering from altism for a little while now. Creating a bunch of new characters and enrolling them into the Guild.

One thing I try to do, in the guild player’s note, is to give an original description of what that player’s relationship is to my main char: Folaji. After talking with Gwyn a couple of weeks back, I found out that some of you actually read those notes (or maybe its just her), and I started wondering how interesting it would be for me to write down the story of how Folaji came to be the great mage he is today (or will be, when I learn how to play correctly).

Well, this story is just spewing out of me so fast that its hard for me to keep up. Looking back at what I’ve written so far, I’ve decided to post these tales up on the boards so you could enjoy them as well.

Feel free to post comments, questions or ideas, and please, ingore spelling errors. And hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up long enough to find some of your chars in the story…

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