Chapter 2 – The Little Girl

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To anyone else, she would have looked like an innocent little pink-haired human girl, but to him she was prey.

She could not have been more than 5 years old, and was sprinting along the country side, her oversized nightgown fluttering in the wind.  With her left hand, she clutched a small brown teddy bear that had obviously seen better days, and with her right she held her nightgown down as it continuously tried to leap into the air.

As she ran westward, he figured that she was most probably coming from the Alliance town of Southshore, although he hadn’t the slightest idea as to why she was all by herself. He wondered who, in their right mind, would let a small child run freely in such a dangerous area?  She was obviously heading towards Hillsbrad Farms, and his many experiences with the Alliance told him that she should, at the very least, be escorted by two or three guards.

After a while, the little girl turned and began heading north-west, and after another several minutes, she changed direction again and was now running directly north.  She would miss Hillsbrad completely.

Maybe she’s heading to the ruins of Dalaran or the Loarderon Internment Camp, he thought to himself looking northward.

That didn’t make much sense though, since he figured that most human children didn’t know about those places, or even if they did, they most certainly didn’t know where they were.  He looked south again and stepped back in shock as he realized that she had changed direction once more.

She was now looking at him and running straight towards him with an enormous grin on her face.  He knew something was terribly wrong, but before he could think about what it was, the little girl had dropped her teddy bear and pulled out a large sword from underneath her nightgown.

She ferociously swung it at him several times, the blade finally piercing through his rubbery skin and lodgeding itself between two old ribs.  Surprised, he instinctively pulled his whole body back while the blade, with the little pink haired girl still holding on, remained stuck in his rib cage.

As she used her sword to climb up onto him, he clutched at her little body, trying to pull her back down.  She was to fast and nimble, however, and all he was able to do was rip her nightgown off.  He was stunned to find that beneath the nightgown, the girl was covered in shiny plate armour.

She’s not a little girl, he thought to himself as he started to panic, she’s a Gnome Warrior!

The little gnome climbed up onto his shoulders, leaving her sword lodged in his ribs, and pulled out a small dagger from her left boot.  She then furiously began stabbing his head, cutting off part of what had once been his ear and piercing his left eye.  Startled, he swung his head back and forth trying to make her fall, but she held on tight.

The terrible sound of her blade trying to pierce his skull filled his head.  Disoriented, he began to run in any direction he could, but quickly lost his balance and fell onto his back, the fall snapping his left arm in two.

After struggling to get back on his two feet, he finally gave up and dropped to the ground, motionless in the tall grasses.  He figured it was only a matter of time before her blade cut into his skull and sliced what was left of his rotting brain.

Looking at the sky with his one good eye, he accepted his fate: he would die at the hands of this Alliance Gnome Warrior.  He was somewhat relieved that he would finally be able to rest in peace, and so he closed his eye, relaxed, and he waited for the end to come.

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