Chapter 3 – The Stranger

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Unfortunately the end never came, and after several minutes he opened his eye again and looked around, eventually staring down at his mangled body.

He was thankful his dead nerves were unable to transmit the pain he should have been feeling.  His upper body was full of cuts and scrapes, many of them deep enough he could see bone and dead tissue slightly protruding from them.  He sat up and looked through the tall grass that surrounded him.

Where did she go? he wondered.

She could not have gone far since her sword was still sticking through his chest.  It was a nice strong iron sword, very sharp, with the Lordaeron emblem embedded on its grip.  Over the years many battles had scarred the sword’s shiny blade, which meant it was probably the Gnome’s favorite weapon and not something that she would just leave behind during a fight.

Firmly holding the sword with his right hand, he tried to pull it out of his chest.  It took several tries before the sword would give, and when it slowly slid out of his chest, it brough with it an impressive quantity of blood.

Fresh blood.

When his body had died his blood had curdled into a thick green coagulated sludge, which therefore meant that the blood on the Gnome’s sword didn’t belong to him.

He looked down at the wound the sword had opened in his chest and saw blood stained pink hair within it.  Immediately, he turned over to his side and found the small pink-haired body face down in the grass beneath him.  The large bloody gash in the back of her head meant that she was most certainly dead, having been caught beneath him as he fell to the ground, and then sliced by her own sword as it stuck out the back of his body.

What are the odds? he thought, slightly amused at the idea that the Gnome had been killed by her own sword.  He let out a chuckle, the first he had in a long time, as he realized he was lucky to still be alive, or at least lucky to still be un-dead.


His chuckles were cut short when a high-pitched, raspy voice suddenly spoke to him from behind.

“Congratulations,” said the voice, accompanied with the sound of dry broken hands clapping.  “That was very, umm, unique…”

“Who’s there?” He shouted, taken by surprise.

He turned his head to the left, and then to the right, scanning his surroundings as best he could, but all he could see was grass, trees and a shadow.

A moving shadow.

As it moved forward, he saw a small, slim and pale-skinned female figure materialize before him.  The figure moved closer still, revealing her worn leather armor and yellow glowing eyes.

“Hello, my name is Berenice,” she said, as she reached down and yanked him to his feet.

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