Dreaming of Goblins

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The man opened his eyes after his meditation and etched some runes on the dusty rocky ground. The page of his spell book describing the shape and form the runes had to take.

Almost done…

“Herminicle… what are you attempting?” Asked the voice behind him.

The young man did not respond. Instead he focused, concentrated on this ritual.

The voice sighed “This is a waste of time”

The young man, Herminicle Vortexus, was about thirty years old. He had jet black hair worn in a ponytail with a short goatee. He carried a crystal staff and wore red and orange robes etched in protective runes. He was not skilled in close combat, but he kept a good repertoire of spells and rituals, one of which he had just completed, a disk of energy now hovering beside him.

Herminicle turned towards the scource of the voice: a grizzeled, yet handsome warrior, a Paladin more precisely. He held a longsword that was drawn out, wearing glimmering plate mail. The Paladin, known as Randyst Firestrong, tapped his plated boot impatiently on the stony floor.

“This object is known as Tenser’s Floating Disc. It may prove useful on this quest Randyst,” said the wizard.

The paladin sheathed his blade and crossed his arms. “Useful in what Wizard? We came here to exterminate the goblins that have been terrorizing Tarraneze caravans. Save your strength for your mystic bolts and thunder waves.”

“You’d be surprised the various use magic can be, Paladin,” replied Herminicle.

Although annoyed at the piousness of his companion, the Wizard did not doubt his valiant heart or his combat prowess. No big goodie saint himself, he had joined with the Paladin on this quest, which had originated from a woman who’s son had gone missing.

The woman in question only had her son left, her husband having been murdered by goblins several months earlier. Word had spread of the increasing number of goblin attacks on passing caravans, and a call for help was made for heroes to come and slay them once and for all.

Randyst had answered the call, as well as Hermincle. Both were looking to complete the quest and find the woman’s son, although the Wizard was more looking forward to the bounty rather than doing the work for free like the Paladin.  Herminicle suspected, though, that Randyst had taken an interest in the young widow.

He can have the widow, he thought, I’ll take his share of the bounty, if he doesn’t donate it that is.

Satisfied that the disc was summoned and working well, he urged his companion on. They both didn’t bother to resume their little debate on Herminicle’s disc, seeing as how they had more important work ahead of them.

So far the party of two had tracked the goblins to their lair and killed most of them. They had even found some stolen supplies that had been heading to Fort Caspien, although there still was no sing of the young boy.

No doubt, I would not be surprised if the goblins ate the poor lad, thought the young wizard.

After walking for what seemed like an hour in the twisty caverns, Randyst raised a hand to stop Herminicle and brought up a finger to his lips to indicate silence. The pair silently walked through an opening silently and, sure enough, came face to face with a goblin.

This goblin was bigger and dressed differently than the others they had previously killed. The goblin’s armour was made of bone, with a wolf skull as a helmet and necklace that appeared to be made of fresh human finger bones.

Randyst looked around the room and saw that the goblin chieftan was taunting a small figure in a cage hanging over a pit of stalagmites.

It was the boy…

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