Having Fun…

I’ve been having fun with the site tonight, testing out some new features and plugins.

One of these features is a new AddThis! button at the bottom of each post.  This button will make it easier for visitors to share interesting posts on popular networking sites such as Digg and Facebook.  The button is similar to the one below.  Test it out:


I’ve also come to the realization that the comments section needed to be looked at after I got lost reading comments in the infamous Shawarma Post.  The new layout may not be perfect, but I find its much better than what was there previously…

UPDATE: For those who may not have noticed, I’ve also added some website statistics on the site’s sidebar.  These statistics, located below the search bar, track the number of unique visitors online at any moment, as well as the number of visitors per day and since November 17th (the date when I installed the statistics plugin).

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