Chapter 5 (part 1) – The Front Line

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The battle cry echoed as hundreds of Orcs, Trolls, Tauren and Undead rushed out from Tarren Mill, a sight scary enough to give chills to even the best Alliance warriors.  The Alliance, however, was strategically placed to the south of the Horde town and responded with a battle cry of their own.  It wasn’t long before a line of Humans, Gnomes, Dwarves and Night Elves came rushing towards Tarren Mill.

The two advancing lines closed in onto each other, and collided with amazing violence.  Swords clashed, hammers stomped and daggers poked, cutting flesh from all sides.  As the ground slowly became saturated with blood, fire and ice rained down from the sky, singeing Horde and Alliance flesh alike.

From behind, mounted onto a large kodo and banging a large hollow drum, a female Tauren shouted orders to the Horde troops.

“Mmmpf!  Casters target their fighters!  Hunters, target their Mages and Locks and send your pets to the front line!”

A barrage of beasts of all shapes and sizes rushed the Alliance fighters, as arcs of ice and fire lit up the air.  Arrows then wized southward through the air, striking at the Alliance’s casters.  A few bodies fell to the ground, but most of them remained standing, the Alliance Priests healing them as best they could.

“Aorthek, take a handfull of Rogues with you and see if you can get those healers!” the tauren shouted.

“Yes Zuxana!” the undead Rogue answered.

He waved at two of his companions, who stepped back from the front line and headed towards some shrubs where they dissapeared into the foliage.  Soon after a human priest dropped to the ground, and then another.

That’s the beauty and danger of a Rogue, Zuxana thought, you can never see them coming.

Although the battle wasn’t over, things were defenetely turning to the Horde’s advantage.  Even without the promised reinforcements, who were scheduled to arrive any minute now, there were more Alliance bodies on the ground than Horde, and with the priests dropping like flies, the Horde line could take a chance and push forwards.

“Razorwind adva…”

Before Zuxana could finish her command, something crashed into the ground to her left.  The crash was instantly followed by a large explosion, causing large chunks of dirt and rock to fly into the air and smash through Zuxana, who tumbled off her large kodo onto the bloody ground.  Disoriented, the female Tauren warrior struggled to get to her feet while two more explosions went off around her.

Sharp pain filled her left leg as shrapnel sliced through her calf muscle.  Ignoring the pain as best she could, Zuxana weakly pushed herself up onto her two feet and looked at the now changed landscape.  Although moments earlier Horde forces had been pushing the Alliance back, the three large explosions, along with her interupted completed command, had caused confusion among the ranks of the Horde forces.

Some fighters were still fighting, yet some had turned around to see what had caused the explosions, and others to see if Zuxana was hurt.  The Alliance line took advantage of the confusion and pushed forward, easily slicing and cleaving through distracted Horde fighters.

“Mmpf! Stand your ground!” Zuxana roared to her troops.  As another explosion rocked the ground around her, she unsheethed a large fiery sword and ran towards the front lines.

This was going to be a tougher battle than she had expected.


From atop a ruined tower, Berenice and her friend looked down at the battle below.

“Did you see that Rigs?” She asked, as the second and third explosions rocked the Horde forces.

He didn’t answer.

“Looks like they’ve tied a bunch of explosives to the head of ballista arrows.  The Horde don’t stand a chance…” She continued, ignoring his silence.

“That’s not my name,” he answered, frustrated.


“You called me Rigs, that’s not my name,” he said bluntly.

“Well,” she looked at him, “what is your name?”

He though back at what seemed like an eternity ago, back to when he was destined for greatness, back when he was still human.  He remembered what people had called him, though he also remembered how they had turned their back on him, spat on him and called him names after he had changed.  No, he wasn’t the same person he had once been, his human self had died those many years ago along with its name.

“I…” he hesitated.  “I don’t have a name…”

“Well then I’m giving you one: Rigimorty,” Berenice answered matter-of-factly.  “Considering how stiff you were back by Hillsbrad, I’d say the name fits.”

A fourth explosion rumbled, bringing the pair’s attention back to the battlefield.

“We need to get down there and help them,” Berenice said.

Her skeletal companion tried to protest, but before he could open his mouth Berenice had already climbed down the tower and infiltrated the enemy lines.  With no where else to go, and a weird sense of loyalty he had not felt for many years, he climbed down after her.

Rigimorty, he thought looking at his bony hands, I could learn to like it…

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