X-Syndicate Post and WordPress 2.7 “Woops”

I’ve finally posted the long awaited Chapter 5 of the Rise of the X-Syndicate adventure.  This chapter is so big, I’ve had to split it into three parts so go ahead and read up on Chapter 5 - The Front Line (Part 1)!

As for the website upgrade and Herman and Dugar posts: I’m sorry.  I’ve learned a very important lesson and that is to never promise that you’ll upgrade a website engine during holiday vacation since you never know what’ll happen (like catching a cold, buying an electric guitar, watching a couple of movies like the Simpsons Movie and a remake of Halloween :P ).

So the WordPress 2.7 installation is pushed back, and will hopefully happen sometime in January 09.  As for the Dugar and Herman posts, they will be online this week.  Both Fyrewind and Alisttair had provided their final parts a while back, so its just a matter of me posting them on the site.

Anywho, there’ll be some DnD adventuring tonight for sure, so for everyone in the adventuring party, see you around 7pm.

Oh, and Happy 2009 to everyone!

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