Supper & Spider

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Randyst sat down at the table, making small conversation with young Losien.  Soon after, a knock came to the door, which Losien’s mother answered.  It was the wizard.

“Forgive my rudeness earlier m’Lady,” Herminicle said, bowing politely.  “You have kindly offered us food and shelter which I have rejected it out of a personal quest that can clearly wait. If you would still have me, i would like to reconsider my decision. ‘Tis been more than ten days since i enjoyed a good home cooked meal and a soft bed.”

The woman turned to the paladin who nodded and smiled in approval.

“Of course master Wizard,” she answered, “you are most welcome here. Sit and relax, dinner will be ready soon.”

She disappeared into the kitchen and, about fifteen minutes later, reappeared with food the likes of which Herminicle hadn’t seen in a long time.  There was roasted duck, oven baked potatoes, boiled carrots, and even warm strawberry pie for desert.

Throughout the meal, however, the wizard couldn’t help but notice the shine the lady took on the Paladin, and there was no doubt in his mind which bed Randyst would be sleeping in tonight.  The wizard didn’t feel jealous; he couldn’t care less about romance and love.

Just as well, he thought to himself, the boy needs a new father and perhaps Randyst could teach Losien a lesson or two in the ways of the Light.

He knew his days of journeys with Randyst had come to an end; no doubt the paladin would decide to stay with the woman and Losien.  It didn’t matter though, there were other adventurers out there waiting for Herminicle.

As the sun set, Losien’s mother brought Herminicle to his room.  It was a small, cozy bedroom located on the second floor of the house.  Herminicle laid down and slept, taking advantage of comforts hadn’t seen in a very long time.


Herman awoke to the sounds of birds chirping in the forest.

The storm must have subsided, he thought to himself.

He got up, causing a pile of papers to slide to the side. Looking at it, he saw the letter from Fort Caspien. Herman picked it up, went upstairs and closed his secret door.  He broke the seal, pulled the letter out of the enveloppe and read.


We know not any confirmation of whatever rumors are abound about you, but I bring you this letter to send word of caution that war comes to our country soon and strange things have occurred. I sent for heroes to investigate Hamlet, but i want you to be prepared and urge you to shelter yourself within the fort’s walls if need be. Village or forest, you are still a citizen of Tarra and it is our duty to make sure you stay safe. If you see anything suspicious please report back to me at the Fort.

General Losien Minso

The name of the young boy he had once saved echoed in his mind, bringing back memories that were many years old.  Although he didn’t mind the young lad, the mention of the Kingdom of Tarra made him grin.  The Kingdom’s population were at odds with many of Herman’s thoughts and beliefs, to the point where he had left the cities long ago to enjoy a life in solitude in Hamlet Forest.

Herman grumbled, crumpling the letter and tossing it back on the floor.  He would stay put, and ride out whatever storm the gods had in store for the land.  He had done it before, and he could do it again.

Suddenly, a tremor rumbled through his cabin, causing everything to shake violently.  Flasks and pots fell to the floor, some crashing into small little pieces and, at the end of the room, Herman’s large library tipped over, causing a barrage of old dusty books to fall to the floor.  The wizard himself almost lost his balance, although he managed to grab hold of the wall.

Shuffling over to a window, he looked outside, trying to find the source of the rumble.  He took a step back as he saw a giant spider like creature climb out of a large hole in the ground.  Another tremor rumbled through his home as the beast began digging a new hole and burrowed itself back into the ground.

What in the nine hells…? Herman thought to himself.

Both curious about the creature and angry at the intrusion, the wizard grabbed his travelling robe and magic equipment and raced out of his home, hopping down into the large hole it had just created.

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  1. Alisttair says:

    Such reckless abandon…I love it!!

  2. Folaji says:

    I’ll admit that after reading this post, I’m left wondering “Did Herman forget to lock his front door before he left to chase after the creature…?”

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