Hey Folaji, Where’d You Go?

Its a valid question seeing as how the last story post was published on this site exactly two months ago today.

Truth is, I’ve been here the whole time, though I’ve been overly consumed by several other side projects, each pulling me away from my responsibilities here at Folaji.com.  There is one side project that is directly related to Folaji.com, though I can not talk about it just yet (but hopefully will within the next few months).

So I figure the only way to solve this chapter drought issue is to make a promise, and as anybody who knows me would say, I strive to keep the promises I make.  So here goes:

I promise to do my very best to publish, at the very least, one chapter per month on Folaji.com.

Once a month may seem like a long time, but it actually is quite realistic with everything else going on right now.  And believe me, in the end, it will be quite worth it. :D

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