Forums Update & Gravatars

First, if you havn’t already, be sure to read my earlier post below about our DnD session tomorrow.

Now, with that out of the way, I’ve updated the forums and changed the look a little.  Its possible that some links to the forums will have changed due to the update, so if you find a post that has a link in error, PM me so I can fix it.

Gravatar Logo

Gravatar Logo

Also, with the forums upgrade comes a new avatar system: Gravatars.  

A gravatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar that allows you to associate an avatar with your email address.  The service is free, and allows you to have one global image for all your forum/blog/social networking site accounts.  With the forums upgrade, is now fully compatible with gravatars, so I invite you to create a gravatar account today!

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