Spam No More

Seems like only yesterday I was proudly posting that had received its first spam comment.  Since then, however, spam on the site has increased to the point where I’ve been filtering through 30 to 40 spam comments per day to ensure any proper comments aren’t accidently deleted.

Because of this ridiculous amount of spam, I’ve changed the site’s settings so that only registered and logged in users may post comments, which has worked well so far (0 spam today!).  As a result, anybody who wishes to participate in our ongoing conversations about DnD and Warcraft will be forced to register with the site.  I didn’t want to do this, but the barrage of spam forced my hand.  The good thing is registration is free and any information you provide will not be sold/shared with anyone.

Also, anybody thinking of creating an account should remember this warning: any new accounts created for the purpose of generating spam on will be deleted.

That is all.

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