Use Your Brains… Hmmmm… Delicious Brains…

Last night, Herman and the Masters of the Universe (with a group level of 5) fought an uphill battle against two Level 9 Elite Grells. I’ll admit that after the first few turns I though you were all going to die, though to my pleasant surprise you came through it beautifully.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing players think up unconventional ways of killing something that is unkillable, and personally I believe that this kind of battle was much more fun than some of the the typical “button mash” fights we’ve had. So, to commemorate this historic battle, I’ve decided to write up a detailed summary of the battle. Feel free to review and let me know if I missed anything.

And remember to be proud of your brains, and use them as often as you can!  Sometimes they can get better results than just using your brawn.

The Battle of the Grells, As recounted by the mysterious stranger

As the battle began, things quickly took a turn for the worst, with Dugar and Tessy both being grabbed and pummelled by the ugly floating creatures.  Tessy was quick to fall, though she stabilized fairly fast, while Dugar just kept on taking the punches head on, proudly demonstrating why tanks are often called “Meat Shields”.

As the battle continued and hope grew dim, other members of the group decided to use logic and reasonning to kill the creatures, seeing as how they were no match for them physically.  Archer was one of the first to try and trigger the fire traps that surrounded the creatures, shooting a Thunderclap arrow at one of the creatures.  Though the arrow did hit one of the Grells, it didn’t trigger a trap.  It did, however, inspire the rest of the team to try and use the traps to their advantage.

Grob was quick to command one of the Grells to step back through all of the fire traps, causing it extreme pain. Though Dugar was stuck to the creature, and dragged forward through the fire traps, he proved hardy enough to survive the scorching.  Herman was then quick to summon a floating hand, which he used to trigger the fire traps enough times to burn one of the creatures to a crisp.  He then conjured up a few Ghost Sounds, taunting the second creature through the fire traps and safely away from everybody.

As the group recovered and began attacking the creature, Herman lured it back to the fire traps, where the fire burned burned it to death.

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