Its Harvey’s Free Burger Day!

Harvey’s is giving away one free burger per customer today, so head down to one (or multiple) locations(s) and get one (or many) burger(s) for free!

Also, a quick note that there will be DnD tonight.

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3 Responses to Its Harvey’s Free Burger Day!

  1. Folaji says:

    Just to update everybody on the Burger hunt, Grob and I raided 4 Harvey’s restaurants and one Drive-Thru for a total of 5 free burgers! Hmmm, soo good…!

  2. FyrewindHH says:

    They stopped it at 3pm so no free burger for me. /sadpanda

  3. Folaji says:

    lol, that sucks… BTW, I did some reading for the Arcane Familiars, and from what I understand, they will be added to the companion section of the Character Builder either tomorow or June 2nd.

    I’ll keep an eye out for them and let you know once they’re added. :D

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