Hello From Winnipeg!

Hello everyone from Winnipeg!

The bike trip is going great, we are currently on our 6th day overall, and our second day in Manitoba’s capital.  Since we’re staying here for two days, we decided last night that we would sleep in this morning.  Being more of an early bird than my two other traveling buddies, I’m taking advantage of the situation to write a post :D .

So, if you havn’t already, I’d invite you to read Vikas’ Journal Entries, which you can find using the links below:

Also, before I left I uploaded to youtube a video we did when we were in high school.  The 45 minute movie, entitled “La Science et vous – La Sécurité en laboratoire”, was our attempt at creating a 70s-style, satirical movie about laboratory security while in high school.  The video is in french, and is chopped up into 5 parts (since youtube doesn’t allow for videos longer than 10 minutes).  You can find each of the vids below:

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  1. ingram_pilot says:

    Hi from Ottawa. I hope you guys are enjoying yourselves. You missed a visit by Frank. He had a bunch of incredible pictures from when he went scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef.

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