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11th day for Havani, 637 A.P.

Well, its been over a month, and we’ve both been busy working around the Inn.  Most of the rooms are now fixed (the doors for rooms 7 and 8 now close properly) and outsiders are starting to visit the tavern on a regular basis.

As more people come, I hear stories of the tavern and its previous owners.  I’ll admit I’m not sure what happened to frustrate the local farmer population to the point where they stopped drinking here.  I’ll be keeping an ear open as to make sure not to repeat such mistakes.

Its quite obvious that the inn can not function without the support of the local farmer population.

- Vikas

18th day for Havani, 637 A.P.

Some men were here today.  Though they were dressed in local clothes, they had an air of Tarraneze about them.  I didn’t trust them, though they did have a good impression on the local farmers.

The leader of the bunch came over to talk to me, and offered to purchase the Inn for ten times what we payed for it.  Though I insisted it was not for sale, he asked me to think about the offer, and that he would be back in three days.

In the end, and regardless of the offer made, I’m not ready to sell it our future to whoever walks into the door.  We worked too long and hard for this to see it slip away so fast.

- Vikas

20th day for Havani, 637 A.P.

Its late.  Very late.  I don’t remember how long ago the sun set, only that the stars and the moon are up in the sky, shinning down as bright as any other night.

I can’t sleep.  I find myself laying in bed beside you and looking out at the sky, wondering about the man who stopped by three days ago, about his offer and how it would change our lives forever.  Why would someone offer so much for a small Inn out on the outskirts of a city?  It doesn’t make sense, that is unless he knows of something I do not.

I’ve been going over the books for the past few hours and business has definately been picking up since we purchased this place.  Though the income is not as much as we had anticipated, its well on its way to reach and even surpass it if the current trend continues.

So do I risk it?  Do I sell what we’ve worked so hard to create?  We could buy a little house up in the hills and live peacefuly together, raising our child.  The money from the sale would undoubtedly support us through whatever hardships we would encounter.

It would be the life we’ve always dreamed of…

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