Back in Ottawa!

We’ll we’ve been back in Ottawa since last Saturday, but with the trip just behind us and tired like hell, I decided not to have any DnD last week.  I do not know if anybody is away on vacation this weekend, so I’ll be placing calls to you guys tomorrow, and if everybody is present and willing, then I don’t see why we can’t have a DnD session.

You’ll also notice that all Vikas Journal Entries have been published, and you can read through all of them by using the links below or by viewing the Vikas Journal Entries Series Page.  This series of 7 pages taken from Vikas’ journal details how he became the owner of the Death Valley Inn, how he began working for the Soulhers, and how he and many of the farmers of Cory became undead creatures.  Hope you enjoy!

And finally, a few notes about website updates.  On the day before the day before we left on vacation (that’s not a typo) WordPress announced the release of WordPress 2.8. I will be looking at upgrading the blog to this new version in the following weeks, though I expect the site will pretty much remain the same (upgrades mostly have to do with the site administration).  I may also have to upgrade the forum and run some tests on the different plugins, so expect a little site down-time and possibly some minor visual changes in the not to distant future.

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2 Responses to Back in Ottawa!

  1. ingram_pilot says:

    To save you from making an extra call, I can confirm that I am free tomorrow.

  2. Folaji says:

    Cool, thanks for letting me know!

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