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21st day for Havani, 637 A.P.

The man came today as expected, and I told him the Inn was not for sale.  He sneered, mumbled something under his breath and left.  And I say, good riddance…

We are building our lives together, and this Inn is only the beginning.  I’m not willing to trade any of this for whatever amount of gold is put under my nose.

26th day for Havani, 637 A.P.

For the past five Days, strange thIngs have bEen happening arounD the Inn.  For Example, the other Day I closEd the tavern, placeD all the chaIrs up on thE tables, yet in the morning three chairs were back on the grounD, arranged as though people had used them.  And thIs morning, I found four or fivE empty beer bottles lying on the grounD behInd thE bar.

No Doubt someone has been movIng thEse things around, as I always put everything away when we close shop.  But who coulD It bE? And Why?

29th day for Havani, 637 A.P.

I almost caught them today!  I awoke early this morning, before the sun had even risen, and ran down stairs to find three men quietly talking at the bar.  I did not catch a glimpse of their faces, but one was most certainly a patron here as he was wearing pyjamas while the others were wearing dark robes.  By the time I made it down the stairs they had fled, though I do not know where.

There is someone staying at the Inn who is plotting against us Maleeka, and I will not let him succeed!

…graska ve ik mostiem du net skiam flaro…

3rd day for Loria, 637 A.P.

I am tired…  I’ve remained awake over the past three nights hoping to ambush the assailants… I do not believe they have come back…  I do believe I may have been sleepwalking however… I awoke last night down in the cellar…  I was standing up straight with my back against one of the walls…

I pushed myself from the wall and it opened… There was a passageway down into some old abandoned cave…  Following the cave I came down to a room and an office with a desk…  This must be where they now meet…!

I barricaded the room… And pushed some barrels against the wall in the cellar…  We should be safe from any unwanted intrusions…!

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