Special DnD Session This Afternoon

As per our conversation two weeks ago, this week’s DnD session will take place this afternoon.  Now I’ll be busy working on my backyard most of the day today, but expect that I’ll be needing a break around 4pm, so if you can show up then, I’ll get some pizza ordered and we can play into the night.

See you then!

EDIT: As everyone knows now, the “Special” DnD session yesterday wasn’t a DnD session at all, but a ploy to get Ingram to show up to his surprise birthday party!  I’m glad everyone was able to show up, and hope you all had fun!

Our next real DnD session will be Sunday next week.  See you all then!

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5 Responses to Special DnD Session This Afternoon

  1. ingram_pilot says:

    Damn you and your deceitful ways!

    But seriously, thanks for the party.

    Now, I’ve got to figure out how to I get even. ;)

  2. Folaji says:

    Mwhahahaha! :D

    Glad you had fun, can’t wait to see how you will get even, and with whom… heheh…

  3. ingram_pilot says:

    Well, seeing as you were the facilitator, and possibly even the instigator; YOU!, of course.

    You won’t know when, you won’t know how; but one day… POW!!!

  4. Folaji says:

    Well everybody was a facilitator (sylvie got the cake, pierre brought drinks, seb made shirts, etc…). All I did was provide a location and pizza.

    And as for the instigator accusation, innocent until proven guilty :P

    PS -> I added an edit comment plugin, you should now be able to edit your comments.

  5. ingram_pilot says:

    Folaji :All I did was provide a location and pizza.

    And it was scrum-diddly-umptious. Thanks

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