Its Over :(

Well, its official: after over a year of fun and games, the Soulhers adventure comes to a close as I’m moving to Montréal.

I just want to say how fun it was to play with you guys and how I’ll miss our weekly adventures.  I also regret that I won’t be able to participate in Fyrewind’s upcoming “RAWR” adventure, though as I said earlier tonight, I don’t mind guest-starring a few times.  I’ll keep the website up as a tool for you all to use with the upcoming adventure, as well as a place for me to continue posting stories (new stories are always welcome, of course :D ).

Also, with the adventure now over, I will start writting stories set in the Soulhers universe, seeing as there is still much more to be said and done.  Who knows, maybe Herman and the Masters of the Universe may pop by once in a while.

After all, as we learned with Omar, Ivel and Barash: in the world of the Soulhers, no one ever really dies…

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