Waiting on Nothing…

When I contacted my Internet Service Provider in late August and asked them to move my account to Montréal, I was hoping that things would get done rather quickly.  Looks like I was wrong.

Although they were quick to take my payment, they never contacted the technicians responsible for setting my connection, and its now been three weeks since I’ve had Internet access at home.  This means that, other than my work computer (which I shouldn’t use to surf the web) and my cell phone (with its small touch screen and frustrating windows mobile keyboard) I’ve been without the Internet for about a month.

It’s not that I’m addicted to the internet, though you have to admit it would be useful for someone who just moved to a new city.  Finding places of interest that would usually take less than a second with Google maps, now rely on my poor yellow-pages skills and a whole lot of luck.

Anywho, after a quick call placed to my ISP, they’ve apologized, refunded my unused connection time, and finally called a tech this week (who should be stopping by sometime Wednesday).  So if all goes to plan, I’ll finally be able to surf from home once again, as well as use my VoIP phone.  Also, I’ll finally be able to post RAWR part 3, which has been sitting in my Folaji.com inbox for over a month.

Lets just hope they remembered to call the tech…

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5 Responses to Waiting on Nothing…

  1. ingram_pilot says:

    You might want to look into the Montreal based ISP called Electronic Box (www.electronicbox.net). A colleague of mine has been using them for quite a while and is very satisfied. He says they have good prices and excellent customer service. He once had a problem with his cable line, so he called them and they sent a tech all the way from Montreal the very next day.

    They also offer VoIP; so they might be a good alternative to whoever it is you are currently using.

  2. Folaji says:

    I’ll check them out. If I don’t have any internet on Wednesday by the time I come home, I’ll seriously consider switching…

  3. ingram_pilot says:

    @Folaji Who are you with anyway?

  4. Folaji says:

    Acanac. I’ve been with them for the past two years and its been great, its just this time they dropped the ball…

  5. ingram_pilot says:

    So, how are things going on the Internet front?

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