This sucks.

Sent from my cell phone last night:

I would like to cancel my internet account and get a refund. I have been waiting since sept 1st for my connection to be setup.

Last week, when I called support to find out why I still did not have the internet I was told that a work order was never sent to Bell for my connection.  I was told it would take 4 business days and that I would have the internet by this wednesday.

Today I am still without the internet and, after another call to support, found out I won’t have the internet until the 23rd and that I have to be home all day that day.

This is totally unacceptable, and I ask that you cancel my account and refund my credit card.  I will find another internet service provider.

What I fail to mention, partly because my thumb was getting numb from using the touch screen keyboard, is that two days earlier I called tech support and they told me the connection was setup, only that it needed to be activated, and that would happen the following day around 11am.  Whoever I spoke to obviously didn’t take the time to look up my account information, because the guy last night quickly told me that no connection was ever made.

Anyways, now I’m shopping for a new ISP.

This sucks.

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3 Responses to This sucks.

  1. Folaji says:

    Just a quick update: I’m officially getting the internet at home this Friday, Sept 25th. Finally!

  2. Folaji says:

    Am I getting the internet today? Can’t wait to find out…! hehehe

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