New Series Functionality

I’ve just added some new functionality to the site called “Series”.  This add-on allows the site to regroup posts into a linear story, and is very useful for the many online stories we currently have on

If you’ll look in the toolbar on the right of the screen, you’ll notice the Recent Chapters section has been replaced with a new Online Stories section.  These links will bring you to posts for each story, and each post will now have navigation links and a small table of contents embedded within them.

Series can also have logos, so if you want a logo for your story, feel free to send me an image of that logo by email.

Try this new feature out, and let me know what you think!

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4 Responses to New Series Functionality

  1. ingram_pilot says:

    The new function really adds a sense of connectivity between the posts. They’re no longer just individual posts that happen to be related to one another; but chapters in a story.

    Good work.

  2. Folaji says:

    Agreed. It also allows me to stop using the post titles and categories to order chapters of a story, and automatically builds links between posts of the same series.

    So in a word, its just awesome!

  3. Alisttair says:

    Good work man. Much easier to navigate.

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