Flash Imagination #1 – A Canadian in Denver

There's Snow In Denver

There's Snow In Denver

Well I’m back from an exhausting yet fun week in Denver, and I have to say that there was snow on the ground over there!  I snapped a pic with my trusty cell phone camera and am posting it as the first Flash Imagination pic.

So, how does this work?  Well, you start by taking a look at the picture, letting it inspire you.  You then take this inspiration and try to transform it into a story, and write a few sentences in the comments section detailing that story.

Makes sense? Great, give it a try!

For those of you who are interested, here’s my take on the pic:

The governor of Colorado proudly took out a large Cuban cigar, walked to his balcony and let out a few puffs of grey smoke.  He though back at how they’d laughed at him when he’d ordered that the city of Denver be covered in snow, and how they’d mocked and ridiculed him when snow blowing machines of all sizes were brought down from the mountains and put into the city core.

Regardless of what they’d said, he’d pulled it off without a hitch, and Denver had become a winter wonderland within a short two day period.  He looked at his watch and smiled; the Canadian delegation was landing any minute now and would soon be on their way to put the finishing touches on a new trade deal that had been in the works for months.  The governor hoped the snow-covered city would impress the Canadians by making them feel at home, which would in turn allow for them to sign the deal before they headed back to Canada.

Truth was that the delegation would be impressed by the act, but would never sign the deal.  Instead, their car would hit a patch of black ice on their way from the airport to the governor’s mansion.  It would swerve through oncoming traffic and hit a tree on the other side of the street, killing everyone instantly. Of course, the governor of Colorado wouldn’t know about this accident for another 7 minutes, and would keep on puffing his cigar until then, proud he’d been able to cover the city of Denver with snow.

Ok, now your turn!

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