Flash Imagination #2 – Don’t Misbehave in NDG

Glove On A Park Fence

Glove On A Park Fence

Today’s Flash Imagination pic was taken at the Dog Park a few blocks from my appartment.  Someone placed a small pink mitten on the fence surrounding the park, and I found it made for an erie picture with the street lights in the distance.

And here’s my take on the pic.  Its a little dark, but I like it :D

Don’t misbehave in the neighbourhood of NDG.

It was no coincidence that Michael, nicknamed the TroubleMaker, had disappeared.  Sure the adults had said that he’d run away from home, but the children knew that was a lie.

Then there was Julie, who’d stopped showing up at school one day.  Her parents said that they’d sent her to live with her grandparents in BC, but again, the children knew that both of Julie’s grandparents lived only a few blocks down.

And now Amy, who liked to chase down and kiss as many boys as she could, had disappeared.  All that the children could find of her was her little pink mitten, laying on drying grass and dead leaves in the middle of the NDG Dog Run.

The mitten was proof!  Proof that the adults were lying, proof that Michael, Julie and Amy had not run away!

But even with this proof, no one would believe the children of NDG.  They couldn’t go to their parents, because their parents were in on it.  They also couldn’t go to the cops, because the cops would most definitely call their parents.  In the end, anything they did would only make them suffer the same fate as their friends: being fed to the dogs in NDG park.

And so they put the mitten up on the fence, as a warning to all children of NDG: don’t misbehave in the neighbourhood of NDG.

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