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I just want to give a heads up that will be changing throughout the next couple of weeks.  Although the site will remain operational, its contents will be shifted to put a greater emphasis on the story-telling and writing aspect of the site (seeing as how the DnD adventuring seems to be on hiatus).

I will also look at ways to minimize site maintenance by removing unused plugins, and one of the pages I am most certain will be removed is the site Forum.  Although it was useful for our discussions regarding DnD, its become too much overhead to keep it up and running (and up to date), especially for something we can do using the blog’s comment feature.

So if you have anything stored in the blog that you do not want to lose, I urge you to copy/paste it now, otherwise it will go the way of the Dodo!  I’ll also keep you up to date on any further changes.

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2 Responses to Site reOrg

  1. ingram_pilot says:

    I’ve been informed that the DnD sessions will resume very soon. Most likely this upcoming weekend; the next one at the latest.

    Regarding the forums going away. There were 3 main functions that the forums were used for.
    1) Discussions: As you say this can be done easily with the blogs comments.
    2) Reporting issues with the site: We can do this via email
    3) DnD Session Updates: This is a very useful function of the forums because it lets us keep track of what we’ve accomplished in our gaming sessions for future consultation. With the forums gone, there will be no way to continue these updates. Will you allow the updates to be put up on the blog? If not would you consider keeping the forum, but removing everything except the DnD session update section?

  2. Folaji says:

    Hey Ingram, happy new year :D

    In regards to your comment: I see no problem in putting the DnD Session updates up on the Blog as blog posts. I would probably put them in their own separate category and might not have them display on the home page, but I’ll play with it a little and see what’s what.

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