New Progress Page

You may have noticed a new page show up on the top menu bar yesterday called Writing Progress, which I’ve created to keep everyone up to date with all my writing projects. I’ve added this page for a couple of reasons:

  1. I’m a nerd and like charts
  2. I realize that there are some times when the blog is not updated, and I want to show that, even though there are no new posts, content is being prepared
  3. I was surfing blogs and found an example of this kind of page on Danie Ford’s blog, and found it pretty nifty

Since I use a methodology when I write, I’ve purposely added more detail to the larger projects, and also decided to use code names to identify them so as to keep some element of mystery :D . ┬áSo if you’re ever wondering what I’m up to, or when a certain story post is finally going to be available, now all you have to do is check the Progress Page.

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2 Responses to New Progress Page

  1. ingram_pilot says:

    With all the stuff you’ve been posting lately, it seems I missed this one.

    This is a pretty nifty feature. As a fellow nerd, I also find it’s ‘chart’-iness appealing. :)

  2. Folaji says:

    hehe, awesome :D

    I have been posting a lot more than usual, and I figure that since I don’t have cable TV anymore, its becoming more of a hobby for me to manage the site and write posts (oh yea, and create graphs, hehe)

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