Flash Imagination #4 – Taking a Dump with an Alien

This is an older pic (taken from a trip to Roswell 2-3 years back), and I figure it could make for an interesting Flash Imagination post, so here goes:

Taking a dump with a friend

Taking a dump with a friend

The alien had landed only a few yards from his cottage.  Lazer gun cocked and ready for shooting, he’d stormed out of his flying saucer and demanded that Bill come with them.

It was only after a lot of talking and a few beers that Bill’d convinced the alien to stay for a while and enjoy the night sky.  In the end, the alien was so drunk he began playing games with Bill, one of which was to copy everything Bill was doing.

This was fun at first, and both alien and human laughed.  They laughed when they both chugged beers at the same time, laughed when the alien followed bill into the woods, and laughed when they both sat side by side in the outhouse, pretending to read the newspaper.

And insert bad probing joke here…

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