Flash Imagination #6 – Growing House

With the weather getting warmer, I’m finding myself spending more time walking around Montreal.  As such, I’m starting to run into interesting scenarios that, sure enough, result in some flash imagination.

So expect to see find a handfull of new Flash Animation posts over the next little while as I discover the quirks of my new city.

How To Add A New Floor To Your House

How To Add A New Floor To Your House

He’d re-mortgaged the house.

He had rented four cranes, and hired two dozen construction-site workers.

He had bought truckload after truckload of trees, which he then had cut into blocks a metre long, and about 20 centimetres wide.

After a few days, his wife had left with the children.

But Martin had always wanted a three story house – one story taller than all of his neighbours – and no matter what the cost, he was going to get it.

NOTE: The picture is of a house that’s been lifted and put on what looks like makeshift stilts.  If you click on it, you can see it in actual size, and you can see that the house has been lifted so its higher than its neighbour.  I saw this house while walking to meet Koji’s breeder (Koji is my dog), and just had to snap a pic.

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