Flash Imagination #9 – The Wedding


Congratulations to my Sister and her new Hubby

And just like that, its over…

One of the most important days of my life, and it just passes by quietly like any other.

And I begin to wonder: why? Why are we here? Why do we struggle and fight, every day of our lives, when it would be so easy to just stop and be?

The answer, unfortunately, will only be given to us at the end, but as the memory of a wonderful day slowly flows away, I think back at clues and hints that were dropped along the way.

I think of my Father, walking her down the aisle. I think of my Mother, wiping tears from her face during the heartfelt vows.  I think of my Sister and my new Brother-in-Law as they danced their first dance basking in the glow of sparklers and fireworks.

And it becomes obvious that it’s the little moments in life that make the world go round, and that alone is worth the struggle.

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