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When I launched Folaji.com, I began by posting the post you see below.

At that time, the site was using WordPress’ default theme (with a big red banner on the top) and had no content what so ever.  The next day, I began adding what was then the Folaji Story, which has since morphed into the Rise of the X Syndicate, an adventure set in the World of Warcraft with about a dozen chapters.

That was two years ago, and since then much has happened on the site.  New stories were posted, and a few D&D adventures were incorporated into the site.  And now, to celebrate the site’s anniversary, I’m thinking we should have a contest.

So, can you guess the exact date and time Folaji.com launched?  I’m looking for the complete date (day, month, year and time).  And to make things interesting, the person to reply in the comments with the closest date and time without going over will win a prize (kind of like The Price Is Right, but with a date…!).

I’ll give you guys two weeks to reply, which means that contest entries will be accepted up to 11h59 pm on Fiday, July 23rd.

Good luck!

(HINT: It happened after July 23rd!)

UPDATE: If you do not want to post your answer in the comments section, you can send your guess by email at contest (at) folaji (dot) com.

Original post:

Let me start by putting this straight out there: I suffer from being white and nerdy.  Maybe not to the extreme of the Weird Al Parody, but then again I am writing on an ergonomic keyboard, and I am fluent in Javascript (although not Klingon).

Needless to say I’m a gamer, and have been known to spend my nights fighting off Zergling rushes, running from a graveyard back into far away dungeons after a nasty group wipe, and even patiently clicking away, trying to comfort myself by repeating the ever so famous “just one more turn…” over and over again.

I also suffer from a crazy and sometimes hectic imagination, which I have decided to quite litteraly dump onto this website in the form of adventures.  Hope you enjoy!

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3 Responses to Welcome to Folaji.com – Contest

  1. Dan says:

    Also, extra credit goes to the first one who can tell me what the name of the site was at the time :D

  2. ingram_pilot says:

    Although you say above to send in our answer through the comments; I think it might be better to send it in by email. Otherwise, some people might do some eBay style sniping and simply copy someone else’s answer, and add a coule of minutes. And that wouldn’t be very fair. What do you think?

    • Dan says:

      Well, I first set the contest up so it would mimic the same behaviour you see when watching the Price is Right, but I could set up an email account to avoid that…

      Hmm… let me think about this a little.

      EDIT: Ok, shoot me an email if you don’t want to post your answer in the comments. I’ll be creating a contest email address shortly for those who do not know what my email address is.

      EDIT 2: I’ve created a new email address for anyone who doesn’t want to post their answers in the comments section. Check the original post for more info.

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