Flash Imagination #14 – Je t’aime grandmaman

Le lac Magog

Le lac Magog

I remember seeing it in her eyes and hearing it in her voice.  The unease, the impatience, and the frustration of being a perfectly level-minded human being who’s body was beginning to fail.

Having worked in hospitals, she knew better than any of us what kind of end she would meet.  And yet she put on a brave face, enjoying what everyone knew was to be her last birthday on this earth.

The whole family – all 28 of us (and three dogs) – had gathered to celebrate her life.  We swam in the lake, went on boat rides, ate corn on the cob, talked and laughed as she looked on, taking in the celebration and enjoying what would be her legacy.

This was the last time I saw my grandmother alive.  She passed away peacefully in her sleep last Thursday, succumbing to the cancer that poisoned her body less than six months prior.

Je t’aime grandmaman, et j’espère que tu es heureuse où que tu sois.

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