Flash Imagination #15 – The Butter People

Ichir? Dai'ichi, one of the many Butter People

Ichiro Dai'ichi, one of the many Butter People

The Yamaguchi-gumi family, which first appeared in the early 1910s, was founded by Harukichi Yamaguchi.  The organization was small at first, with only a few dozen members.  It wasn’t until 30 years passed and a certain Kazuo Taoka, an orphan that had been raised by the Yamaguchi-gumi, became leader of the family that the family’s path was forever changed.

Kazuo Taoka expanded the family’s influence so it grew exponentially, becoming the most powerful and influential of the Yakuza organizations in the world today.  Some said it was his charisma, others his deadly charm, and some even mentioned his radical ideas (of allowing members of the family to have legitimate businesses and families of their own) as reasons for the family’s success.

Yet few today outside the family know the truth.  The truth that the young orphan from Kobe had mystical powers that allowed him to instantly kill his opponents by turning them into solid yellow ivory (making them look as though they were made of solid butter).  The victims would then be displayed in public spaces as a warning to anyone who would dare think to cross the family.

Some of these victims are still visible today, standing motionless in many public places, mistaken by many who see them as beaten or deformed statues.  Such is the case for Ichiro Dai’ichi, one of Kazuo Taoka’s earliest victims, who can be found surrounded by a multitude of other victims in a statue erected on McGill College Avenue, in Montreal, Canada.

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