Flash Imagination #19 – Crazy Elevator

Do you want to go to the right, or to the bottom and right?

Do you want to go to the right, or to the bottom and right?

Today was a good day for Mark.

A few months ago he’d decided to move from his college dorm and had bought – rather hastily some felt – a new condo up on the east side of town.

This new condo had it all. It was on the sixth and top floor of the building and had an amazing view of the surrounding neighbourhood. It had two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom with both a tub and standing shower, and best of all, it was a new construction.  It was perfect for someone who was looking to move up from the life of roommates, and so it was perfect for Mark.

The fact that it was new, however, meant that Mark couldn’t visit the building before its completion, at least according to the salesperson at Burk Apartment Deployment Co (aka BadCo).  Although taken aback at first, Mark was told that such things were normal, and that he was free to consult his condo’s blueprints at any time.

As the months went on, and the moving date got closer, Mark’s anticipation grew.  He had seen the models and studied the plans, and had even rendered a 3D fly-through using his computer.  He was proud of his purchase, and showed it to everyone he knew.  When they asked if he had visited it, he told them no.  When they suggested that he go at least take a look he brushed them off, explaining that he was confident that his purchase had been a good one.

Mark would not be swayed by his friends’ advice, and only on moving day would he realize the error of his ways.

The apartment was perfect; getting to it was the problem. In order to save on costs, BadCo had installed a horizontal elevator instead of a vertical one. From the front door, pressing on the bottom button would bring the elevator diagonally down into the parking lot, while pressing on the top button brought it down the hall, from where condo owners could take the stairs up to their respective appartments.

Although Mark had studied his condo’s plan extensively, he’d never taken the time to look at the building’s overall plan.  When he finally did take a look, he found BadCo had delivered according to their plans, and as owner he had no recourse.

He was now stuck with one of the most beautiful and most unaccessible condo apartments in town.

Note: Thanks to Meg (the inspiration behind the Gwyndolynne character in the Rise of the X-Syndicate story) for letting me steal this pic.

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