Flash Imagination #21 – The Killer Dog

Koji, the Killer Dog, taking a nap

Koji, the Killer Dog, taking a nap

What set Koji apart from other dogs was that she was smart.

Very smart.

So smart, that one day she got bored of sniffing dogs butts.  So smart, that she also got bored of chasing after squirrels and birds.

She was a hunter, and hunters needed to hunt, and there was only one animal on the planet that was worthy of her skills: the human.

So during the day she would casually walk around the house, spending most of her time sleeping in her bed.  And at night, while her owner lay in his bed sound asleep, she would break out to the city streets and hunt, fooling her prey into thinking she was lost until it was too late.

They say a tired dog is a happy dog, and with her nightly errands, this was very true of Koji.

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