Flash Imagination #22 – Lady McTwistylegs

Lady McTwistylegs

Lady McTwistylegs

There’s a popular saying that sailors have a girl in every port.  Yet if you ever visit Fay Cove, Nova Scotia, you’ll find a statue that seems to contradict this saying.

Fay Cove was a very busy port during World War II.  Ships of all kinds and of all places would dock at its busy port, bringing with them a slew of arms, goods, and – of course – sailors.

The sailors especially looked forward to docking at Fay Cove, if only to be able to get a glimpse of its legendary Lady McTwistylegs.  It was said that any lucky sailor spending one night with her would come back the next day completely changed.  Some even claimed they had been rid of horrible diseases thanks to their visit with the legendary lady.

Although the actual existence of Lady McTwistylegs is still being debated by historians, she lives on in the imagination of sailors today thanks to a statue that was erected shortly after the end of the war, a statue that doesn’t hesitate to show just how twisty Lady McTwistylegs’ legs may have been.

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