Flash Imagination #24 – Animal Crime Scene

Bird Attack

Animal Crime Scene

Recently, many animals had been attacked in the area.  Some were unfortunate enough to have perished in the attacks, attackers leaving nothing but a few feathers or fur in the area of the crime scene.

At first many animals blamed the local street cat population.  After all, most of the animals that had been targeted were known street cat favorites (ie: birds, rats, fieldmice).  Even a squirrel had been found dead, which caused an uproar in the local squirrel population.

Little did any of the animals know that the whole thing was a setup, a sham operation perfectly planned out by Roxy the Squirrel from deep inside Chippy Squirrel Prison.

Roxy not only wanted out, she wanted revenge.  The first step in her plan was to spread chaos and anarchy through the streets, and from the reports she had gathered from her contacts, she knew that it was working.

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