Flash Imagination #25 – Stupid Street Signs Encore

If you wish to cross here, you must pay $100

If you wish to cross here, you must pay $100

Michael Hastner had been dean at the Université de Montreal when his controversial new 13 km/h speed limit signs went up, and had been forced to retire after the uproar they had caused.  He didn’t want to retire, but understood all too well that the university needed a fall man, and he had been one of the only deans willing to speak up in favour of the new signs.

Nonetheless, this time he had outdone himself.  Michael was the newly appointed road-sign manager for the city of Montreal, and with an ever increasing city budget deficit, he formulated what he believed to be the answer to all the city’s financial problems.

Along with a committee of five civil engineers, three lawyers, and three city beautification planners, he created a new sign that was sure to provide some much needed funds to the city.  The sign imposed a fee on all pedestrians who wanted to cross the streets.  The signs would be put up along busy streets, and fee collectors would be placed along side them.

People who didn’t pay the fee would be caught using hidden cameras, and fined an extra $50.

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