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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

When I was growing up, Easter meant one thing: chocolates around the house, hidden in small nests made of shredded newspaper.  These chocolates were often times pieces of Smarties or M&Ms, which both my sister and I gobbled up as fast as we could find them.  Sure there was talk of crucifixion and resurrection, but coloured eggs, bunnies and chocolate were really all that was on our minds.

It didn’t really help that we were living in south-west Germany at the time.  We were located but stone’s throw from the birthplace of the Easter Bunny and a short drive north of the international land of chocolate (aka Switzerland).  Oh the abundance of dark, milk, and white chocolate we saw while visiting the famous chocolate factories in the region.  Chocolate was available in any form one could imagine (bunnies, eggs, nutcrackers, etc…), and I’ve no doubt my parents looked at this day with scared anticipation when thinking of the chocolate-powered monsters us children would no doubt become by the end of the day.

But I digress from the original purpose of my post…

What I really wanted to chat about today was the site and what’s going on with it.  Things havn’t moved much recently, and that’s mostly because I’ve been travelling a lot (thankfully only to warm sunny places).  Nonetheless, I do have some Flash Imaginations and netZooms waiting in the queue, so expect those to start showing up again shortly.  I’m also working on a new article series that would be published every other week just like netZoom.  I’m still working on it a bit, so expect more news on that in the coming weeks…!

Equanimity is coming along nicely, though my travels have slowed that down a bit as well.  I’m hoping to start publishing posts sometime in the next few months, (it’s looking like late-May right now).

With regards to the Tweet I posted last week, we (Alisttair, Ingram and I) are working together to set up a new site to which DnD content will be pushed.  The site is still in its infancy stages at the moment, though I expect it to be ready to go live within the next few weeks.

We’ll be moving over all DnD content, which means that, after while, the same content will be removed from Folaji.  I do, however, expect to keep everything on the site until the move is complete, so there’s no need to panic.  There’ll be plenty of advance warning as to when the posts will be taken down from here, and if all goes to plan, it should all coincide with change of layout on this side (if that doesn’t make it apparent enough, I don’t know what would :) )

In the meantime, the new site needs a name, and possibly a subtitle.  Any ideas?

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