Doomsday Math

Today I will show you a magic trick.  First, I’ll ask you to pick three numbers.

5, 10 and 17

Well done.  Now let’s multiply all of these together twice!

5 x 10 x 17 x 5 x 10 x 17 = 722,500

Perfect, you have the result, yes?  No, no, don’t tell me just yet – this is a magic trick after all.

Now, it’s my turn.  Please bear with me for a moment while I pull out my trusty calculator.


(2011 - 33) * 365.2422 is...

*reaches for calculator and turns it on*

Ok, assuming our calendars are correct, and assuming Jesus Chris was crucified on April 1st of the year 33, how many days has it been since this event took place?

(2011 – 33) * 365.2422 = 722449.0716 days

Now, tell me your number.  722,500?  Perfect!  Let’s take that number and subtract mine:

722,500 – 722449.0716 = 50.9284

We round that up to 51 (because its easier math), and add 51 days to April 1st.  What do we get?  We get today!  Tada!

*hold for applause*

So, what’d you think of my trick?  You didn’t like it…

What if I told you that it proved that Judgement Day was today? It reminded you of the movie The Number 23, but worse… Ouch…

Truth is, the math above is exactly the reason why millions of people have stopped going to work.  Instead these people began donating time and money to an organization called Family Radio in an attempt to warn everyone about what they believed to be absolute proof that today was the end of times.

There was to be an earthquake that rattled the world, and then ±200 million people would be raptured into heaven, while the rest of us just disappeared into nothingness.  So far northing’s happened, and I honestly doubt anything will.

This isn’t the first end-of-days I’ve lived through, and it definitively won’t be the last (yes, I’m thinking of you December 21, 2012).  Truth is, whether it be through Rapture, Judgement, sickness, or just plain old age, everyone dies.  In the meantime, there’s nothing we can do other than to celebrate our life by living it to the fullest.

And to help with that, here’s a fun vid about the end of the world:


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2 Responses to Doomsday Math

  1. Alisttair says:

    Yeah I can understand how he got the initial three numbers but having to multiply them all together, TWICE, is where the explanation on how he got the date of the end of the world stopped making any sense at all (not that it ever made sense in the first place, but that was the end point of “humoring him” and reading up on his explanation).

  2. Dan says:

    You can read more on the whole calculation explanation from the following pdf (this is where I got my info from):

    Also, it baffles my mind that people would quit their jobs because of this logic. So we’ve found three numbers that, when mulitplied together twice, give the number of days in 1978 years, big woop…

    I can do the same with 25-2-17, or 5-2-85. This just demonstrates that I remember 8th grade math, not that I’m a prophet.

    Einstein once said: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” Unfortunately for us he may have been right…

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