Flash Imagination #30 – Paul the Chef

Paul the Chef

Paul the Chef

The last time we saw Paul he was struggling with his dream to be a full fledged Ninja.  Though the doctor diagnosed him with Ninjaism, and insisted he be put on anti-Ninjaism medication, Paul’s wife refused the medication, encouraging him to take on new hobbies as a way of fighting the Ninja urge.

She tried jogging, cycling, golf, clubbing, cards… anything she could think of.  Then one day she brought him to a large cooking store and – after 10 minutes of wrestling off his homemade Ninja outfit – stuck a chef’s had on his head.

The hat slid on like a glove, and though Paul didn’t move much, his wife could see a twinkle in his eyes.

In that instant Paul’s Ninjaism was cured.  But over the next few days a much worst disease began to infect his brain: Chefism.

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