Flash Imagination #32 – Impossible Bean Toss

How are you supposed to play this game?

How are you supposed to play this game?

Stan wasn’t the brightest of the Janitors, but he knew how to play Bean Toss.  He also knew that school management had no idea what they were talking about when they told him to put the Bean Toss board up against the school wall.

“How are children supposed to play?” he asked.  ”How is the bean bag supposed to go through the hole?”

In an act of defiance he installed the board at the farther end of the school yard.  There, where the fenced area ended and a dense forest began, children could chuck bean bags at the board, and the bean bags would fly straight through to the other side – the way it was supposed to be.

Unfortunately for Stan, school management did not like being ignored.  The next day Stan was out of a job, and the board had been moved to where they had wanted it to be all along: up against the school wall.

Puzzled by the new placement, children stopped playing the game, and the board became ignored like all other odd items in the school yard, such as the half teeter-totter, and the swing set without any seats…

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