And We’re Back!

Thanks for your patience over the past couple of days as I updated the site.  Here’s a quick overview of what was done:

  • Upgrade of the WordPress Engine to the latest version
  • Modification of the Home Page to display the three latest posts
  • Creation of a new Rants category for the odd rant that appears on the site
  • Migration of Blog Tools Reviews back to the site

I’ve also removed the majority of the DnD content as its now available from the new Adventurer’s Cornersite.  Note that, if you were a contributor and need to access old DnD content, it should still be visible from the site’s Dashboard as I’ve deleted nothing.

All that remains to the site upgrade is to rebuild the menu, which will happen over the next week.  In the meantime, you can access any post from the Category and Archives sections of the sidebar.I hope you enjoy the new changes!

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