Reading Page Added

I learned the other day that the average person reads no more than 100 books in their lifetime. Honestly, I found that number to be very low, and began counting the number of books I’ve read during my life.

I discovered a website called where people can go and log their reads, as well as share books they’ve discovered. I began logging my reads on their site, only to find that I’d not read nearly as much as I thought. So I gave myself a challenge to reach and surpass that 100 book mark, and created a new Reading page to help keep on top of things.

On this page you’ll find references to the book I’m currently reading, as well as all books I’ve already read. ┬áThe page itself is powered by a couple of nifty Goodreads widgets that make it dynamic, so it should update over time as I read through different books.

Feel free to provide suggestions if you think there’s a certain book I should tackle next.

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