New Short Story: Equanimity Is Here!

It was a year ago today that I announced I was working on a new short story.

At the time I estimated the story would be ready in early August 2010.  Boy was I wrong!

It was supposed to be a quick five-parter, and the first story that I would completely finish writing before publishing it to the site.  But as I delved deeper and deeper into the characters I had created, it quickly doubled, then tripled in size.

As of today there are 16 chapters to the story, and I expect that number to grow to about 20 by the time it is published in its entirety (seeing as how I still have to review and expand on some of the last parts).

That being said, the first half is complete and ready to go, so I’ve set the chapters up so they auto-publish every Sunday at 12pm.  They’ll also be appearing in the “Latest Posts” runway on the home page, so keep an eye out for them there.

Today, in celebration of this year long effort, I’m proud to present you with the first two chapters of Equanimity:

This is by far the largest writing project I’ve ever undertaken, and it has been both a challenge and a blast to tackle.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!


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