The People VS Joshua Pent – Exibit A

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Evidence presented in the case of: The People VS Joshua Pent

Exhibit A: Second last entry in Joshua’s Diary

Aimée, my dear, my love.

How could I have forsaken you?  How could I have left you so?

It seems as though these questions have been circling around in my head forever, and no matter how I put it, or how I think of it, one truth remains: I killed you…

The details are fuzzy and unclear, it’s been over a year after all, but in speaking with others I know it to be true.  I hope you rest knowing that I don’t, and that I won’t until your death is avenged: until I am punished.

I’ve tried to turn myself over to the police but they wouldn’t take me.  I’ve even tried to take my own life, although I was rescued by a man who said there was another way.  I do not see, however, how anyone could forgive what I’ve done to you, even someone as benevolent as Him.

So I await His punishment – not His forgiveness – and hope that when it does come, I may get the chance to glimpse up at you, and see your smile one last time.

Hopefully it won’t take too long…

- Joshua

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