Screw You Mystique!

Well, the theme update unleashed on about a month ago is now over.

Mystique, the theme previously used on the site, pushed a new update that, although awesome, broke the majority of the customizations I’d made to the theme over the years.

Now don’t get me wrong, Mystique is a very powerful theme, and I would definitely suggest that anyone with a WordPress blog take a look at it.  The difference between the update and the previous version was so great, however, that I found myself having to rewrite the majority of my changes.

Add to this the fact that I could no longer edit or create new posts with the new theme, and I decided it was time for it to go.

I’ve therefore updated the site to use WordPress’ default “TwentyTen” theme which, as you can see, is a lot simpler and lean.  Its also easier on the eyes when it comes to reading, thanks to the serif font.

So, now that the site is back to its regular self, we can start the machine back up again.  Keep an eye open for some new Equanimity and Flash Imagination posts!

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