The People VS Joshua Pent – Insanity

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Helen had lost it. Either that or she didn’t know what she was doing.  Steven had gone over it again and again in his head, each time coming to the same conclusion: everything was laid out for their defense team if they plead insanity.  The evidence, the witnesses, the security camera recordings and 911 calls; all of it pointed to an easy win.

Of course the evidence wasn’t perfect, it rarely was, but any good attorney could find a way around the few facts that were in the way.  Steven felt he could certainly do it, but could Helen?

She had dismissed his plan so quickly that Steven began to wonder if the legend was really as good as they said she was.  As though being paired with her wasn’t bad enough, if Helen kept on insisting they plead not guilty, they risked losing the case.

The young attorney didn’t need such a stain on his career. He had already won his first case, and wanted to keep the streak going for as long as possible.  This way he would build himself a good reputation, and with a good reputation came more money and partnership in the firm.

There would be a private elevator.  The elevator would bring him to a large office room, where an imposing oak desk and old style large leather chair would wait for him every day.  One of the walls of his office would be covered by a large intimidating library filled with law books (none of which he would have read, they were mostly for show after all).  The two walls opposite would be made of large windows that revealed the city below.

A small voice in the back of his head made itself heard;breaking down the illusion of grandeur Steven had built in his mind.

What about Helen’s argument? It asked.  What about premeditation?

Nonsense, Steven thought, any good lawyer can argue against what little evidence the prosecution has for premeditation.

Having silenced the small voice, Steven took a deep breath and thought about the situation for a while, regressing back to the future he had promised himself.

One of the window walls would have a door that gave access to a large patio, from which one could live like a king above his subjects.  Here Steven would spend most of his time, basking in the warm hot sun, drinking expensive liquor, and entertaining the odd customer who had earned the privilege of his service.  All this as a reward for becoming the firm’s youngest and most successful partner.

His record was unbeatable, his reputation perfect, all because he had stood up to Helen Kramer those many years ago, and won the Pent case despite her meddling.

Steven needed to get himself out of this mess.  He needed to save this case from Helen’s incompetence and get it back on track or his dream would be lost.

But what could he do?  If he reached out to the firm partners, they would no doubt side with Helen.  She had the longest history with them and, Steven had to admin, had won a fair number of cases on her own.

No, he couldn’t go the firm.  Instead he needed to work from within the defense team, to somehow convince Helen that insanity was their best chance of winning, or, if Helen couldn’t be convinced, to force her into changing the plea.  The question was how to go about it.

Then, with a wave of relief, the answer flooded into Steven’s mind.  It was a perfect plan, one that would force Helen’s hand and finally make her see why she had to accept an insanity plea.  He just had to keep it secret until the right moment.

Steven grabbed his phone and dialed the prosecution’s number, his dreams now closer to reality than ever before.

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