Hello from Chicago!

Though I won’t apologize for my lack of posts, I figure I could share with you what I’ve been up to over the past month. I had the pleasure of visiting Chicago for a couple days, where I took some time to poke around a bit to see what’s what.

This wasn’t my first visit to Chicago, having ridden through it while on a Motorcycle Road Trip around the Great Lakes. That time our experience was quite hair raizing (the details of which I’ll keep for another post). This time, however, things were a little more… normal.

First, our hotel was stuck against Midway Airport. It was a step up from last time I was in town (where we found a room in a quaint little motel in Dolton, south of Chicago, close to the intersection of Sibley Blvd and I-94). That doesn’t mean we weren’t surrounded by our fair share of criminal activity.

Map of Crime around our hotel

Source: www.spotcrime.com

Wall at the Frontera Grill

Wall at the Frontera Grill

We decided to take a drive downtown and see what the Windy City (or Gotham City) had to offer. We took a quick walk around the Chicago Riverwalk, then went to grab a bite to eat at the Frontera Grill.

If you are a fan of Rick Bayless, are a connoisseur of Mexican food, or just like eating, you owe it to yourself to visit this restaurant at least once in your life. The food is amazing, very reasonably priced, and the ingredients are all organic and/or freshly grown in a garden on the ceiling of the restaurant.

The food was so good we were quite dissapointed the next morning, where we ordered 5 egg omlettes from the small food court at Midway just before our return home.

The 5 Egg Omelet, because 4 eggs isn't enough...

The 5 Egg Omelet

In spite of my digestive system’s objections following breakfast, it was a short but fun trip!

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