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Click on me, you know you want to!

I was poking around Google+ this evening and found that the Create a Google+ Page link was staring at me, as though it was trying to get me to click on it.  I ignored it as best I could, but soon found myself with an itch I had to scratch.

Now you’re probably thinking that they’ll let any bozo on the web create a Google+ Page, and you would be right!  This bozo clicked the link, went through the motions of filing out a few forms, and after a very simple setup, I found myself with a Google+ Page for

You can checkout the page by clicking on the following Link: Google+ Page

The page is fairly bland at the moment, but that is to be expected.  I hope to update the page over the next couple of weeks with content from the site, as well as setup an automatic push of some sort for new posts (in the same way my posts are currently automatically pushed out to @FolajiBlog on Twitter).

Oh, and one more thing before I checkout for tonight.  I needed to provide a profile picture for the new page.  I didn’t have anything on hand (I’ve no logo for the site) so whipped the following up for now.

Folaji (temporary?) Logo

Folaji (temporary?) Logo

It remains to be seen if this logo will be temporary or permanent, though as a friend used to say:

“What is considered temporary usually becomes permanent.”

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